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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier + The Walking Dead: Michonne

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A sample of environment, prop, and vehicle work I did for the first few episodes of the ANF and Michonne.

Robin chyo airportextnightwip2 2001556

Block-out by Aasim Zubair

Robin chyo airportextnightwip2 2001555

Block-out by Aasim Zubair

Robin chyo apartmentfirewip1 2001557
Robin chyo 101 guns 0 wip03
Robin chyo modifiedvanwip07 2001537
Robin chyo pickhammer 2001538
Robin chyo soupcan1 2001545
Robin chyo taxi1 2001549
Robin chyo butterscotchpuddingcup 2001570
Robin chyo untitled 4
Robin chyo untitled 5